"The Beautiful Mystery" Louise Penny

"What pleasure there must be, Beaviour  thought, in doing the same thing over and over.  In the past the very idea had revolted him.  Routine, repetition.  It was death, or at least deadly dull.  To lead a predictable life.

But now Beavious wasn't so sure...All he longed to do was sit down with Annie and share the Saturday papers.  To do what they did every weekend.  Over and Over. Over and over.  Until he died."


"Hollow City" Ransom Riggs

A good story, but no quotes

"The Affairs of Others" Amy Grace Loyd

Didn't really care for this book-- no quotes even


"A Trick of the Light" Louise Penny

"'She sounds like an emotional vampire,' said Myrna, at last.'
'A what?'
'I ran into quite a few in my practice.  People who sucked others dry.  We all know them.  We're in their company and we come away drained, for no apparent reason...I saw it with my clients who'd been abused either physically or emotionally.  The relationship never starts with a fist to the face or an insult.  If it did there'd be no second date.  It always starts gently.  Kindly.  The other person draw you in.  To trust them.  To need them.  And then they slowly turn.  Little by littlle, increasing the heat.  Until you're trapped."
'But, Lillian wasn't a lover, or a husband.  She was just a friend.'
'Friends can be abusive.  Friendships can turn, become foul...She fed on your graditude.  Fed on your insecurites, on your love for her.  But you did something she never expected...

You stood up for yourself.  For your art.  You left.'"

"Miss Pergrine's Home for Peculiar Children" Ransom Riggs

"I used to dream about escaping my ordinary life, but life never was ordinary.  I had simply failed to notice how extraordinary it was.  Likewise, I never imagined that home would be something I would miss.  Yet as we stood loading our boats in the breaking dawn, on a brand new precipice of Before & After, I thought of everything I was about to leave behind...and I realized that leaving wouldn't be like I had imagined, like casting off a weight.  Their memory was something tangible and heavy, and I would carry it with me.  And yet my old life was as impossible to return to as the children's bombed house.  The doors had been blown off out cages."

"I'll Be Seeing You" Suzanne Hayes & Loretta Nyhan

"Glory if you intend to speak before sensible women and expect to give power to your words, you must be as free of moral ambiguity as you can.  I'm not a big believer in fire and brimstone, but I do think a certain purity of heart and intention is necessary when we expect to be heard.  We often realize too late that passion only lasts when it is married to truth...But for a marriage to work you both need the ability to see all the possible outcomes of a moment's weakness.  Most of them are less than satisfying.  And none of them end with 'happily ever after.'"

*Finished in 2013

"Mary Coin" Marisa Silver

This is a story that has stayed with me.  One in which I keep thinking about the characters, even weeks after I finished reading it.

"'You're missing your future, boy,' George pronounced when Walker was eighteen and told his father he wanted no part of farming but that he preferred to study history.  'History?' George said, his mouth twisting into an expression of disbelief.

'Understanding the mistakes of the past so we don't repeat them,' Walked answered in a tone that, twenty-three years later, he cringes to recall.  Such arrogance.  A right of youth, he supposes, a necessity...

'History will get you nowhere,' George said."

*Read in 2013.